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      Spikes Superpower Summit: Quincy High preps for Jaelyn Keene, unbeaten Jacksonville...plus Knox County/Highland Softball Highlights

      For all the great football on tap Friday Night, this week's most intriguing Sports Contest could well shake down indoors tomorrow night.

      Two unbeaten teams. Three potential Division One Scholarship recipients.

      Thursday Spikes Superpower Summit between Quincy High and Jacksonville has it all...offering the 8-0 Blue Devils their sternest test yet...up against a hostile crowd and a hostile hitter in 6'2" Junior Sensation Jaelyn Keene...

      The best litmus test yet for Quincy High's vaunted front line, led by Monica Bumbry and Alex Dietrich.

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      {<}Barb Crist: "It definitely is because we practice against each other every single day and what Alex does against Monica and vice versa definitely helps prepare us for the top competition. And with (Jaelyn) Keene I just hope they are able to key in on her and stop her real quick."

      Michaela Llewellyn: "Jacksonville has always been top competition for us. They have always been a rival for us too. It's always been exciting to go and play them and hopefully we will play our best tomorrow and see what happens."

      Brooke Agard: "It pumps us up when all the crowd is like, yelling at us and stuff. Because that makes us just want to do good and make them be quiet because they don't know what to think anymore."

      And the Blue Devils will head to Jacksonville fueled by some tough learned lessons in a hard earned win last night over Moline.

      Crist: "I think the girls realized that if they listen to us as coaches then we are going to get them through everything.They picked up on a lot of the things we were giving them as far as keys for putting the ball on the floor and I think they have a lot more confidence in us. I think the girls did overlook Moline and they are wanting to play tougher competition. They are hoping Jacksonville can do the same thing." {>}