SLAPSHOT: QHS Football Players & Students Start Floor Hockey League

Trying to find some team-bonding time during the off-season is no easy task during high school sports. Some are wrapped up in other seasons and no one's schedule seems to match up. For the QHS football team, they started something on Saturday's to all come together and compete against one another. Just for fun, they organized a floor hockey league over next to Flinn Stadium at The Crossing. With the big bright lights outside, they take it indoors, just looking to have some fun together....

Brayden Bauerly: "We started this hockey league and we do it every Saturday night and start around seven. We were just shooting around during church and we decided to come up with the league and it's really fun and entertaining. I encourage people to come out and watch. It's free. It's a lot of fun, it's a lot of fun."

Dylan Muldoon: "It keeps kids out of trouble. Just come here, have some drinks like soda and all that. Just have fun and watch. It's a lot of fun, you get to see people you don't really get to see during the week and people just come out here watching. They have a great time watching. It's a lot of fun even if you're a by-stander."

Brayden: "We started this three weeks ago. We play two games every night and then after that we just have fun, chill out, hang out."

Kind of before the season, you know, you guys just all bond together. That's got to kind of be a fun thing.

Dylan: "Yeah. I mean, it gets a little rough at times but afterwards that just kind of brings us closer together. You know, we get a little physical, but afterwards it's all good and we do feel closer to each other after we play."

Brayden: "We definitely do a lot of team work. It's a team sport, you work together and then you win. Going for the Hilbing Cup. Hilbing AutoBody is making a trophy for us out of I think rims. No one knows what it looks like, but we'll find out soon."