SENSATIONAL SEVEN for October 29th


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7) BRAXTON SQUIER, Illini West

6) LINCOLN JONES, Clark County



3) ALEX MYLES, Beardstown


1) DALTON HEUBNER, Camp Point Central

Its all about the playoffs in this week's Sensational 7, starting with Braxton Squier out of Illini West. The D-lineman's interception against Tremont was just one instance of the Chargers punishing defense in the postseason's first round. Pressure on the quarterback leads to a heads up pick for Squier, as the Chargers went on to win 24 to 6.

Lincoln Jones turned his game into a track meet on Friday. Mainly because he busted out the hurdles - Jones times his jump and gets a little bit extra on the ground before he's brought down. Lincoln does whatever it takes to gain a few more yards, and for his efforts, he was later rewarded with a rush TD to cap off the drive.

Round of applause for the Illinois College Blueboys, as they snapped a 14-game losing streak to conference rival Monmouth. IC jumped out to a 14 point lead, but the Scots were able to throw a few offensive punches of their own to keep it close. The Blueboys were able to grind it out, however, hanging on for a 3-point win and moving them to 7-1 on the year.

Even when its 4th and 17, QND doesn't sweat it. They've got the hook and the lateral on their side. For the second time this year, the Raiders dusted off an old favorite to get the first score against Macomb. Joe McCaughey delivers to Jordan Chapel over the middle, ending with a Nick Weiman touchdown. It takes guts, but the Raiders made it look simple.

Another play that takes some courage is the halfback pass. Beardstown broke it out against Athens in their playoff game, and seemed unchallenged on their way to a touchdown. Alex Myles chucks it on the run, right on target to Delaney Ortiz who turns and gets 6 points. This is a pretty good way to gain some steam against a tough opponent.

Speaking of tough opponents, Hannibal needed just 51 seconds to get on the board against Mexico. Lijah Harrison rushes in for the punt block, leaving Austin Davis a chance to dive on the ball in the endzone. It sure saves the offense some work, as Hannibal used the early momentum on the way to a 42-nothing shutout.

We leave you with one of the best catches of the season. Central-Southeastern's Seth Leezer hooks up with a leaping Dalton Heubner for this 28 yard touchdown strike. It put the Panthers up 34 to 7 and proved to be the winning score in a 40 to 29 victory. And with that, Central-Southeastern keeps rolling. And that's your Sensational 7