Senior Sendoff: QHS soccer honors graduating class

"Every senior class is special, but this is a group that Tony Reis and I started when they were 10 years old. To see them go from little kid soccer where they play with 6 and a keeper all the way up to high school is pretty special. These guys have followed the footsteps of other people, and they've left some room for other people to grow into what they've done. We'll miss them but we'll be able to move on with the next group we have,"

"Me and Blake have always had that connection - we played on the same team when we were younger. And we're going there and will play with Matt Burris again, we played with him when we were freshmen, and it was a big key for me going there because I'm excited to play with him again,"

"I've talked to a lot of the upperclassmen who have graduated, and they all say it's a totally different game. There are no bad players, no mistakes are allowed - you really just have to be smart with your play and play a lot faster,"

"There's no doubt that Bronson and Blake are going to go there and do very well - they proved that this year on the playing field. They'll be joining a former teammate in Matt Burris, and hopefully they'll have a good career. You never know what's going to happen, but you prepare them, you wish them luck, and you go on from there,"