Scotland County State Preps: More than Just the Big Three/Wood as Fashion Icon

So we finally summoned the courage to ask Miss Wood: What's with the shorts?

As they prepare to make their state stage debut and do Semifinals battle with top ranked Skyline tomorrow night at the Hearnes Center....

So much of the pregame focus on Scotland County will center on the Lady Tigers trio of well known stars...

Bair, Wood, Fenney.

But those girls are all quick to point out the invaluable level of boost they've received from playing with Maddie Brassfield and Ashleigh Creek...two girls deserved of a higher profile.

And since we are on the subject of Scotland County Basketball...I have a confession to make.

Even as old as I mother still watches my sportscasts in California on the net every night.

A few weeks ago, Pat Duerr hits me with this: Tell that girl to roll down her shorts.

It was only then that I noticed Chelsea Wood's unique...

And apparently polarizing fashion statement.

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