SAW: Shelby Koehler



Warsaw High School

GPA: 3.96

Class Rank: 4th

Intended College: Emporia State University (Softball)

Intended Major: Athletic Training

Sports: Golf, Softball, Basketball

Involvements: Band, FFA, Peer Tutoring, Environmental Club, WYSE, SFODAT, Volunteerism in her community including work at Soup Kitchen, Delivery and preparation of Food Baskets, and City Cleanup

From my own selfish vantage point...there is no more bankable source of jaw dropping spring highlights in the Tri States...

Doesn't matter if she's wearing a catcher's mitt, taking to the mound...or especially standing at the plate with bat in hand...Warsaw's Shelby Koehler is always on the brink of producing excitement...

Shelby Koehler: "Yeah, I don't like to walk. So if it's close, I am going to go after it"

Those are fear inducing words for many a Western Illinois pitcher as Shelby Koehler is the most prolific and pedigreed hitter in a loaded West Hancock lineup that was powered its way to nine straight wins out of the gate this spring. The Titan Senior, who splits her time between catcher and pitcher, is a returning Third Team All State Selection who has been a First Team All Conference fixture since her Freshman season. And Shelby's skill set is such that she is already inked to a Division Two Scholarship offer to Emporia State.

Shelby Koehler: "I am extremely excited. It's been a goal of mine since I was real young. So I am just excited that I get the opportunity to play at the next level because I know some people don't"

More than that, though, it's a chance for Shelby to push herself. And regardless of venue: be it the diamond, golf course, the basketball court or the classroom; that's really as much an outlier skill for Miss Koehler as her quick reflexes and natural power. This is, even on casual glance, an obviously fiercely determined competitor who lives to excel.

Shelby Koehler: "I don't really know. It's just something I've done since I was younger. My Dad's an athlete but it's just something that comes naturally I think."

And it's clearly manifest in her work ethic. Shelby's involvements include, but are not limited to, three varsity sports, band, and she serves as Warsaw's FFA President. She has actively volunteered in her community, does peer tutoring in both Biology and PE, and has participated in the Worldwide Youth Science and Engineering contests; all while still managing to maintain a new flawless 3.96 GPA

Shelby Koehler: "I stay focused in school. Then I have practice after school. After that, I get home, get my homework done, and go from there."

But even looking forward, it is sports that will remain a centerpiece of Shelby's life.

Shelby Koehler: "I am going to major in Athletic Training. So after that I hope to land a job somewhere. I am think maybe for a college team. And I am thinking, I might not have a lot time to do something else, but maybe coach somewhere to"

Just can't get away from sports can you?

Shelby Koehler: "No... (laughs) I really can't"