SAW: Shea O'Brien


Shea O'Brien, Pittsfield High School

Sports: Basketball, Track

Class Rank: 8 of 99

GPA: 4.2

College: Undecided

Intended Field of Study: Elementary Education and Coaching

In order to become one of the most decorated Pittsfield Saukees of all-time, the hard work has to start early. Shea O'Brien knows that firsthand.

"My dad always coached my brother in the youth league, and I was always running around with a jersey on shooting the ball. Then my dad coached me for 5 years or so, and he knows a lot about the game and its been a big part of my family. Its always been a part of my life,"

That's how it all began for the Pittsfield scoring machine. And it didn't take long before it clicked - Shea O'Brien had the potential to be special.

"I would say in my 7th grade year and when I started 8th grade, I knew I had the potential but I was going to have to work at it. I went through high school and played varsity in my freshman year. Being successful makes you want to be more successful and work harder and that's what I've done,"

So it makes perfect sense that O'Brien has collected numerous first-team and all-conference awards. She was brought up in basketball, and always had a reminder in the stands.

"I've never had a game where I didn't have my family on the sidelines; I think that's a big part of who I am today. They've always been there for me, they've always supported me. If I had a bad game I knew it was going to be better, they always pick me up,"

Maybe above anything else, its family that's helped bring her to such great heights. Whether it was her own or the one she found at Pittsfield High.

"I would say its a tradition. Being a Pittsfield Saukee is just part of my life, its a big deal to me. Its a tradition,"

Where she ends up next is a mystery - O'Brien is still weighing a few college options. But if she was able to become one of the most feared players here in the Tri-States, there's no question she can do it again at the next level.

"I would say I'm excited and nervous but I know that its going to be a lot of hard work because I'm not going to be who I am at the high school level at the college level, and I'm going to have to work at that. I think it will be tough at first but I'm looking forward to it,"