SAW: Reed Plunkett



Marion County High School

GPA: 4.07

Class Rank: 2nd

Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country

Academic Involvements: National Honor Society, Student Council President, FFA, Choir

Volunteer Activities: Involved in the Nelsonville Assembly of God Church, Assists with Blood Drives, Mentors young people on Character Traits

Intended College: Culver-Stockton College

Intended Major: Education

Intended Career Field: Teaching/Coaching

The most successful people in life aren't necessarily those who are given the most, but those who do the most with what they are given.

Few athletes I have ever run across in high school basketball have done a better job maximizing their specific strengths than tonight's SAW honoree

A young man who spent four years savaging legions of basketball doubters, who saw only his lack of size, with an avalanche of three point shots.

Reed Plunkett: "I am obviously not the tallest person in the world so, I realized going in that I was going to have to be able to shoot. So that is what I worked on a lot. And I've tried to work on other things, especially this year, because I had to do more of a scoring role. It's just been fun. I've tried to the best I can."

Basketball savvy, work ethic, and a near lethal jump shot have made Reed Plunkett, all five foot something of him, a force to be reckoned with on the court. The Marion County Sophomore broke out as a sophomore, becoming easily the most unlikely 12 points per game scorer in Tri State Basketball. And he's been a cornerstone in the Mustangs run of impressive success ever since; perhaps the very epitome of it in symbolizing his team's "play to strength" approach.

Reed Plunkett: "Coach Wood has been a great influence on my life. From Day One, he has believed in me and has believed in the other guys. If you look at our teams, we have some unusual statures, I guess. I mean Luke Stratton played in the post some times and he's about the same height as I am. It doesn't really matter to Coach. He is going to coach us as hard as he can to make us the best that we can be."

And his coach's leap of faith resonated so deeply with Reed that it has shaped his view of his own future.

Reed Plunkett: "I am going to attend Culver. I am going to play Basketball. And I am getting a degree in education. And I want to coach. I want to come back and coach at the high school level. "

Reed Plunkett: "Oh yes. I can't wait. It will be fun. I mean, I don't know how good I will be. I got quite a while before I get to that point. But I am excited. I think it will be a challenge. It will be fun to see what I can do."

Reed's track record of success, both on the floor and in the classroom, his terrific people skills, and his fierce will to win suggest, even at this stage, Mister Plunkett may be the ideal perfect fit for this vocation.

Reed Plunkett: "My parents have been a big influence in my life. I mean, it's always been well "if your grades aren't so and so, then basketball doesn't matter because you are not going to get to play anyways." So I just try to keep things in order and in perspective....If you ask people, if I play PE, I don't like to lose a game of Badminton. I like to win at everything. I think that has been a big part of our success here. I think we all like to win. None of us like to lose. The other night, we lost a Sectional Game and it was rough....Really, it's just been fun. Especially playing with the same guys. I mean I've played with Logan, Luke and Konnor since we were in 2nd/3rd grade. I am going to miss it. But it's been fun."