SAW: Mitchell Nichols



Hannibal Pirate Football, Basketball, and Track and Field

GPA: 4.217

Class Rank: 10th out of 250

Student Involvements: Honor Society, Natural Helpers

College: Undecided (Truman State, Coe among his Football interests)

Intended Major: Pre-Med

Last Friday Night, Mitch Nichols rushed for a career best 320 yards and scored five touchdowns in Hannibal's 61-32 win over Fulton.

An All Time Great Performance from a Running Back whose Coaches have dubbed him an All Time Great Young Man within their program.

It might be a case of All Time Great timing on our part as Mitch was slated for tonight to be honored as our KHQA Student Athlete of the Week....

Which gave Chris Duerr 320 more topics of conversation for this impressive, in every sense of the word, Pirate Senior.

Mitch Nichols: "I mean it's always really fun to...not focus on the yards during the game but realize afterwards how many yards after you had. So it's always a good time."

Mark St Clair "Mitchell is just one of those kids who does what he is coached. Does it 100 miles an hour. And he's going to take care of his teammates. He's going to take care of his coaches. He's going to do the right thing. And he's going to give you effort doing all of it."

Mitch on his 320 yard rushing effort: "'s the Lineman. Wyatt King. Everybody who blocked for me, really."

He's been posting bona fide player of the year numbers for Hannibal Pirate Football this fall, but Mitchell Nichols value to his program is measured in more than just yards and touchdowns. Because when your best player strikes this kind of tone with his humility and selflessness, that tends to set an undeniable example for teammates.

Mark St Clair: "He's a great role model for Football or any athletics.You know he plays football, basketball, and runs track. He's at the weight room. He's one of the first ones there every day. He's the last one to leave the locker room. It's amazing. After practice, he'll shower up and walk around picking up the locker room, picking up kids stuff and taking care of his teammates. Just making sure everything is right. He'll take care of the coaches. There really isn't any word to describe how great a kid Mitch Nichols is."

Mitch Nichols: "I'd like people to say I have always been a guy who works hard; worked harder than the rest to get where I am really."

Mark St Clair: "He's just going to do everything in his power to make sure the team is successful. If it requires that he kicks, he's going to kick.

Play Defensive Back? He'll do that. If it requires that he block or run, he's going to do that. He just wants to do well. Wants his teammates to do well. He's just go such great character that there isn't a team in the country that wouldn't benefit from having Mitch Nichols on their team."

And that assessment will some day extend to a Medical Team as well as this High Honor Roll and Hannibal Senior is an aspiring Doctor looking to follow in some familiar footsteps.

Mitch Nichols: "My Dad is in Family Practice so that's always been one of my interests, seeing what he is doing."

Mark St Clair: "He wants to be a Doctor. He talks about that stuff all the time. I think he is job shadowing out at the Clinic to get a taste of that. This is a great kid. He wants to do well. He loves the game of Football. He's worked for it. I don't think this is a kid in 7th-8th grade people would have said look he's going to be a star. But he's worked for it. He's earned it. And we are very proud of him."

Mitch Nichols: "I'd love to play football in college (even with the Pre-Med interest) I'd just have to focus my time even more then..."