SAW: Megan Lauzon



Rushville/Industry Track and Field

GPA: 4.07

Class Rank: Seventh

College: SIU-EDWARDSVILLE (Track and Field Scholarship)

Heredity may be a biological advantage...but when you couple great athletic genes with an insatiable work ethic and desire for success....

What you get is a Champion...and by way of Rushville...this week's Student Athlete of the Week....

Here's Ross Green.....

Winning a state championship takes far more than just one season's worth of hard work. For Megan Lauzon, it was the culmination of years of competition, starting in her own home. Its just something that runs in the family.

"My mom is the one who really pushed me into doing track in high school because she threw in high school also. I broke her high school record when I was in 7th grade so I've always been competing with her record, and now I'm just competing with myself,"

The Rushville-Industry senior captured the state shot put crown last spring - and its easy to see where her drive comes from.

"She knew that I would have a career ahead of me and she knew that track could open the door to college experience and a possible scholarship so she really pushed me through high school,"

Turns out, mom was exactly right. Megan has parlayed her throwing skills into a full ride with SIU Edwardsville. But her high school ride isn't over just yet - Lauzon wants to go out as a two-time state champ.

"I would say it's a little bit tougher this year to win state because there is a lot of pressure on me, and the season hasn't been the greatest for weather so we've had to make do indoors and in the weight room. But I've been working hard since December to win the championship again this year,"

But even as she labors towards a second title, Megan dedicates what's left of her time to studies and community. The people of Rushville know her as an athlete, but perhaps know her better as an organizer of local fundraisers and volunteer.

"They have supported me throughout my high school career and through track. They've cheered me on, and the phone calls and texts I get from friends after I win makes it important to give back to them because of what they've given me,"

What was once a goal to strive towards is now reality; Megan is living out the track and field dreams she started with years ago. And there's still plenty more on her horizon.

"This is definitely the dream for me. I've worked so hard through high school, and gone through injury and physical therapy to be the state champion. To come back this year as the reigning champion is amazing. Its hard to believe I'm graduating in a few weeks, I'm going to miss all of the teachers and students here. I've grown close with so many people and it will definitely be a great memory,"