SAW: Lane Hanzel


LANE HANZEL, Liberty Baseball

GPA: 4.12

Class Rank: 7th out of 50

College: Anderson University

Intended Major: Undecided but with the ultimate goal of either studying Law or getting a Masters Degree in Exercise Science

Balancing the fine line between being a father and coach isn't easy.....but Liberty's Dewey Hanzel has clearly found a level of enviable success there.

It's reflect not only by the success his son Lane has enjoyed thru the game...but clearly the humilty and passion he has taken from it...

Lane Hanzel: "It is my first passion. I love baseball. This morning, Japan and the Netherlands were playing at five (in the World Baseball Classic) and I woke up to watch the game before school. I mean, I just want to be around baseball. I enjoy it. It's a great game. It gives me a place to escape when I am having a bad day or just gives me motivations to keep working, fine tuning things. It's a great motivator for me."

A career high school batting average of nearly 600 speaks to the level of intense dedication Liberty's Lane Hanzel has devoted to the craft of baseball. As does his impossible to miss Defensive Skills as a receiver behind the plate. His game is a credit to both his work ethic and his passion. But there's a depth of understanding to Lane that goes well beyond just what takes place on the diamond.

Lane Hanzel: "Like it or not, when you do get to these points, kids do look up to you. And they're going to follow what you do. If you want stuff to change in the world, you have got to make sure you keep doing the stuff you believe in without straying from your morals and your values."

By every measurable credential, Lane Hanzel fits the description of a role model, with his Top Seven Class Ranking, his math tutoring of Elementary School Students, his work with this youth group through church. And for a Liberty Program looking to break new baseball ground, having high character leaders like Lane and past SAW honoree Tyler Ormond spearheading the charge is a blessing.

Lane Hanzel on how he'd like to be remembered: "I'd like to be on the team that won a Regional Championship here; that kind of turned it all the way around. But as a player individually, I'd like to be known as the kid that people could go to...people could count on. I was there for them. I played hard and I played hard every time. I gave it all I had, but I was also a friend on and off the field. I expect a lot from myself. I expect a lot from others. And I hold them accountable (hoping to) help them become better people and better players."

And in that spirit, Lane is already looking forward to his second act...both academically and athletically.

Lane Hanzel: "I am going to Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. I am going to play baseball there. I will be recruited as a catcher and a utility infielder. Hopefully, I can contribute whatever I can...for the team there. After college, I am looking to either go into Law School or I am going to get my Masters Degree in Exercise Science, being a Strength and Conditioning Coach at a College somewhere....I love to work out. That really my second passion. You can ask my Mom. If you can't find me, come up to the Weight Room. I love to help other people out; plan programs that help them get better at what they are trying to do. Whether its just to look better or get better at their sport. I really enjoy it. It's just a blast for me."