SAW: Lane Davis



Unity Football/Basketball

GPA: 4.0

Class Rank: 1st

College: Undecided

Prospective Major: Mechanical Engineering

After dropping four straight games to open their season, the Unity/Payson Mustang Football team has played well with its back to the wall.

They are in the midst of a three game win streak...and can perhaps salvage a playoff berth with two more.

To that end, they will rely heavily on your latest KHQA Student Athlete of the Week honoree.

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Lane Davis: "It seems like we are really starting to come together and practice better. And when we practice well, we play well. That is what it comes down to."

Though he is probably better known for his basketball exploits and dominance in the paint, Lane Davis's more subtle star turns on the offensive and defensive lines have been critical to this late season turnaround for the Mustangs.

Keven Krietemeyer: "Lane Davis is our leader on the Offensive Line. I call a protection and if we need to flip it, Lane flips it. Lane as our Left Tackle is pretty much our center (captain of the line) as well. He does everything we need to up front. He's not given up a sack all year, I don't believe. And Defensively, they don't run to his side. So Lane anchors our offense and defense and he's been a great leader for the kids. The Rah Rah guy but also by doing it on the field as well. Lane has been great for us."

Lane Davis: "I like to compete. I like to be first, I guess. And whenever I try to be first, I don't like to lose. So I work hard to be first."

That work ethic is especially evidenced by the stats he has put up in the both the gym and the classroom. Lane is curretnly the top ranked Senior in his class with a perfect 4.0 GPA. And his tireless efforts to improve himself on the basketball floor netted the Unity Center All Area honors after averaging 14 points per game last season nearly 57% shooting from the field.

Lane Davis: "It's a feeling of pride to go out there and be one of the better people in the area. It really means a lot to me so I work hard at trying to be the best I can be. To see where I have come from my freshman year, it's pretty awesome in my opinion. So I like to work hard to get better

and improve to the next year.


It is that upside that may allow Lane to find a niche for himself playing college basketball. But he is also balancing that goal with some very specifice academic and career aspirations in looking to strike a perfect balance.

Lane Davis: "I'd like to major in mechanical engineering. And there's not many schools where I can major in mechanical engineering and play basketball, have the time, because it's pretty difficult to do both. But I'd really love to do it."