SAW: Katee Hinkle

Student Athlete of the Week: Katee Hinkle (Palmyra)

Katee Hinkle: "If you had to sum up Palmyra's Katee Hinkle in one word, you may be wise to go with electrifying. The three-sport start is a spark-plug on whichever court, field, or track you put her on. She is as dynamic as she is savvy, and credits her best memories to the girls she's gone to battle with the last four years.

Katee Hinkle: "I wouldn't want to be doing this with anybody else. It's just great I get to do it with people I love so much and that I know will always have my back. We're going to work through it together and no matter what happens I'll always be so happy playing with them."

And if you thought basketball was her main sports..guess again. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe she could be even better at something else. Katie has signed to play softball at Bowling Green State University at the Division I level. And the competitor in her won't let her settle for not earning playing time as a freshman.

Katie Hinkle: "It's always my goal to compete and try and be the best. But I'm just going to go play my game and whatever happens happens and whatever they want me to do, I will do. I'm just going to workout and get in the best shape that I can be in. Just try to be in the best shape and the best form I can going in to the college level."

Her goals and aspirations exceed well beyond the field. And working with children in the future is one of them.

Katee Hinkle: "I'm really looking in to pediactric physical therapy. I love little kids. And I'm hoping I can get my pre-physical therapy at Bowling Green. And then later on, I'm not really sure on that level, but get my physical therapy and then get the doctorate. I've always just had a connect with kids. I love working with them and they just make your day better."

Katee has accomplished so much during her time at Palmyra through dedication and pure love for the game she's out there playing. Something she says her mom and dad instilled in her.

Katee Hinkle: "They support whatever decision I make and as long as I'm happy, they are happy. And they will always stand behind me. They were huge supports and they've always been there for me. They are the reason I even got to this level. Without them I wouldn't have been able to go out and practice and be able to push myself. They drilled that in to me, the hard work ethic and without them that wouldn't be possible."

What Katee leaves behind as she heads to college is a legacy that will always remain in a town she made so proud. But with them behind her, she'll always have the P-Town posse by her side.

Katee Hinkle: "i'm going to miss the three sports, you get to have all the fans and all the loving community. I'm going to miss that. And I'm going to miss my best friends and basketball team. You know, they are wonderful. I don't know if I can ever have a family like that again. I'm just really going to miss that."