SAW: Jordan Obert


JORDAN OBERT, Liberty High School Basketball, Baseball GPA: 4.19 Class Rank: 1st

For three years running, Jordan Obert has played a pivotal role in elevating the stature and prominence of Liberty Basketball: a rock steady guard with a penchant for making big shots and rising in critical situations.

The Eagle Senior's calling card? An unyielding desire to be great in all he does.

And as Ross Green details, Obert has been true to that creed in every facet of his life.

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"When I was younger, as soon as I got home from school, it was always schoolwork comes first and then play after that, so my whole life has been schoolwork. I just do the best I can in class and in my free time I work more on my athletics, but overall, school work comes first,"

Work ethic and character: Liberty's Jordan Obert has plenty of both. And by talking with those around him, you'll quickly learn he's your classic 'lead by example' type. And you can't set much better of an example than working hard to get to the top of your class. Also a 2-year starter and co-captain on the hardwood, he's a valuable part of Eagles athletics.

"My coach has been everything for me, with Coach Douglas and varsity, its been the best time I could possibly think of, and just having teammates on and off the court. If I had a problem off the court, they'd help me out the best that they could, and on the court it was just a blast playing with them,"

He's seen plenty in his time wearing red and white, and a lot of it sticks with him.

"Biggest memory was junior year, coming up and playing varsity with our senior class, that was amazing for me, and this year winning regionals was a great accomplishment,"

With graduation approaching, there's no question where Jordan's legacy in the classroom stands. But how will he and his teammates be remembered down the road?

"We're hoping down the line to be remembered by other classes. We're hoping to do the best we can in baseball coming up, hopefully a regional championship, which would be the first one in a while for Liberty, and when we won regionals in basketball, hopefully that sticks around,"

Though he's still deciding, you get the feeling that no matter where he goes after high school, he'll leave his mark there, too.

"if I can get a good coaching job or minor in coaching or physical therapy, go into that, but hopefully I may try to play basketball but just go in, do the best I can and keep grades up,"

Work ethic and character: its gotten Jordan Obert this far, and will undoubtedly take him even further in the years to