SAW: Hailea Hadsall



Macomb High School

GPA: 3.77

Clubs/Involvements: Math Team, Spanish Club, Student Government, Choir, Interact, Macomb Youth Leadership Organization,

College Choice: Undecided

Potential Major: Undecided (but with an eye on a career in golf)

Sports: Golf (finished 22nd in the State in Class 1A Golf Meet as a Senior)

She wrapped up her high school career as one of the 25 best small school golfers in Illinois back in October...

But for this Macomb star....they may have just been the warm up act.

Hailea Hadsall: "Being able to practice on your own and learn more about yourself through the game and learn valuable skills is a great benefit of the game"

In golf, Hailea Hadsall has found her Muse. A love of the game that yielded a spectacular senior year resume that included her third straight trip to state, a best ever finish there in Decatur at 22nd overall in Class A. And a new school record for both thelow eighteen and nine hole rounds. But while Hailea may have made success look easy, getting to this point was a process.

Hailea Hadsall: "Definitely the practice. I practiced most of the Summer, out there every day for several hours. So I think that's what gave me success."

And that time investment has given Hailea a glimpse of the future she wants.

Hailea Hadsall: "Golf is definitely going to be a part of my career. I really want to go into a golf field when I get a career. I hopefully want to do something for the PGA or some golf organization in the business field. So that is my goal...."

Teaching or Course Management or Design?

Hailea Hadsall:"Kind of whatever. I just want to find out what there is. So hopefully can I find a college that can help me find that (calling)"

Whichever institution adds Hailea to its Golf Program figures to reap across the board benefit in the same way that Macomb High School did. Hailea proved not only an Honor Roll Student and active participant in Music, Math Team, Spanish Club and Student Government; she also invested herself in the community, be it her in-service club work or helping to teach golf with the First Tee Program. Bottom line, this is a young woman who feels a sense of responsibility to improve whatever she can, including the game she loves.

Hailea Hadsall: "Well, my dad has always been able to go out and help me and play golf with me. My sister has been able to play with me. And I think that is a great thing about the game that you can play with others and just learn a lot of things about other people."