SAW: Garrett Jarman



MARK TWAIN Basketball/Baseball

GPA: 3.88

Class Rank: 4th

College: Undecided (but leaning towards HLGU)

Basketball Honors: Reigning Clarence Cannon Conference Player of the Year, Missouri Sportswriters All State Pick

He holds a MSHSAA Record for consecutive three pointers made with 12 in a row.....

And brought rare Conference Player of the Year honors to his program.

Suffice it say, Garret Jarman has made a big splash right smack dab in the center of Center, Missouri...

Here's Ross Green

He's come to be known as one of the area's most dangerous offensive threats, but you might be surprised to learn that Garrett Jarman's hoops career at Mark Twain ended on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from where it began.

"My freshman year, I wasn't really that great of an athlete, and in my sophomore year I picked it up a bit in the weight room. My junior year, Coach Redding became the head coach and we really spent a lot of time in the weight room, and that's what really made me a better athlete,"

Hard to fathom that a 1,000 point scorer like Garrett Jarman would ever be considered 'not that great of an athlete'. But he worked at it tirelessly, and saw the fruits of his labor during his senior season. Winning the Clarence Cannon Conference Player of the Year Award speaks to his dedication.

"It was a really big achievement and I take a lot of pride in it. It shows that my effort was good, and it was the first conference player of the year award here in a long time, and I really take pride in that. It means people at Mark Twain can say Garrett Jarman was player of the year and it means a lot for the community, and everybody involved in the school and athletics at Mark Twain,"

It was the crowning personal achievement of a historic career, but Jarman puts equal weight on the fact that it was a community achievement at the same time.

"Mark Twain is a close-knit community and Ralls County is a small community so everybody really knows each other, and it just means a lot to give back to the community because everybody is so close here. I have a lot of family in the community and that also means a lot to me, too,"

Jarman left his stamp on Mark Twain basketball's standard of excellence, and in time, he hopes others can follow his lead.

"Any time a little kid at Mark Twain can say that Garrett Jarman was player of the year in conference, and that makes them want to go out for sports and give it all they got - that means a lot,"

The good news is, his legacy isn't necessarily coming to a close - Garrett hopes to continue as a college player locally. Even though he won't suit up in Tiger blue again, he's helped give new meaning to wearing Mark Twain on the chest.

"Mark Twain has a lot pride in their athletics and I'm really going to miss playing for Mark Twain and putting that jersey on every night,