SAW: Ethan Borrowman



Pittsfield Baseball/Basketball/Cross Country

Class Rank: 1st out of 100

GPA: 4.16

Intended College: Undecided

Intended Major: Engineering

ACT Score: 33

Honors: National Honor Society, Rotary Interact, Math Team, WYSE, United States Achievement Academy

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Consider Pittsfield's Ethan Borrowman the master of causing opponents headaches. The Saukees' leading base stealer and 3-time Mr. Defense on the basketball court is an engineer of havoc, making the little plays that can pay off in a big way. In fact, 'engineer' is the most appropriate descriptor for the Saukee senior when it comes to academics as well.

"I got interested in it because I like to be involved, I don't like to sit around. I'd like to do something where I'll be active all day. My dad has a second cousin-in-law that is CEO of an engineering company. He got me down there for a day in St. Louis as a job shadow, and I was able to see what they do and what the job would entail so that was one of the biggest experiences that got me involved in engineering,"

His aspirations toward the challenging field have a solid foundation. Ethan was a participant in the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering competition last year, a series of multiple choice exams that test students from all over the state in a variety of fields.

"Its mainly for science and engineering, but they have many competitions like for English, math, biology, and physics. Last year, I was recommended by my teachers to do biology and physics, and at regionals I won 2nd in physics and 1st in biology,"

He was born to be an engineer, it seems. And luckily, there's a strong connection between the academic field and what he does while wearing a jersey.

"A lot of it is the hard work, being able to be a leader whenever its needed, being able to take over and take control of a situation when you need to. Being able to buckle down whenever the situation comes and not having to worry about pressure or anything like that,"

Although he's yet to announce his college of choice, you can already tell there's plenty on the horizon for Borrowman.

"I think I want to go and try to get my master's in engineering, I'm not really sure what specific branch but just engineering in general,"

He's an engineer, alright - creating both turmoil for opponents and a Saukee legacy that anybody would be proud of.{>}