SAW: Connor Wolf



Liberty High School


GPA: 4.19

Class Rank: 2nd

College: Undecided

Intended Major: Undecided (Nursing)

Involvements: Student Council President, Society of Academic Achievement, Class Treasurer, Usher/Server at St Bridgids Catholic Church, Salvation Army Bell Ringer, FFA, Adopt-A Highway Cleanup,

It's been a bit of a star-crossed Senior Year for Connor Wolf in the injury department.

But as Will Wilson details, that's only served to underscore his across the board value, athletic/academic/socially to his High School and community...

A man of many talents, Liberty's Connor Wolf is as impressive of the court as he is on it. Carrying a 4.1 GPA, Connor is second in his class and the treasurer of the student body. These are just some of the achievements the senior has to go along with his athletic honors. And he's able to accomplish it all by summing it up in one world.

Connor Wolf: Dedication. A lot of dedication. From day one, my parents have told me to work hard at everything I do and strive to be the best I can.

And it's Connor parents that are the driving force behind his success.

Connor Wolf: I can't describe it. It's so out of this world. It's undescribable how much they've been there for me ever since I was a little kid raising me up and being the best role models they can be to me and my little brothers also.

A wrist injury that has sidelined him for five weeks seemed like it had ruined all the hard work he's put in. But with a big home stretch coming up, Connor is almost one-hundred percent healthy to return to the floor.

Connor Wolf: It's going to to be awesome. Senior year, seven games at home, all your home crowd cheering for you every night. The main thing is you just got to stay focused. You got to work hard everyday, play your hardest and got out and get a victory every night.

Also being a state-qualifier and captain on the track and cross-country team. Connor's been using his time off to stay in shape.

Connor Wolf: These last five weeks, being out of basketball shape I've actually been hitting the road running about three or four miles a day. Trying to all the sit ups and stuff. But, actually cross-country and track gives you dedication, the mental toughness to get through a basketball game, four quarters and everything.

Liberty head coach Andy Douglas says Connor still has had a pivotal role on the sidelines.

Andy Douglas: Connor, the type of kid he is whether he's playing or not, he's still a vocal leader for us. It hurts us not having him on the floor because he brings different dynamic to our team. Ball handling, shooting, he does a little bit of everything for us. He is kind of like that glue guy. I've been really proud of him going through what he's gone through, missing a lot of games as a senior but still stepping in in other roles off the court being more of like a coach to guys now. He's done a really good job with it.

Connor Wolf: I've been around these guys ever since I was kindergarden, pre-school. I spent everyday with them. Hopefully we can go out with a bang this season in basketball and get us somewhere in the post-season. I guess spend the last few months together and come out on top.