SAW: Cole Phillips



Camp Point Central Football/Basketball

GPA: 4.02

Class Rank : 6th out of 59 Seniors

College Plans: John Wood CC (Basketball)

Intended Future Major: Undecided (considering Veterinary Science)

Awards: 1st Team All WIVC Quarterback, National Honor Society

Volunteerism: Helped with Joplin Tornado Relief Efforts, Church Involvements, Golden Corn Festival Volunteer

Between football and basketball.....Camp Point Central has gone a combined 15-1 this school year.

Just one more testament to the leadership skills the young man who is the undisputed captain of both squads.

Cole Phillips: "Well my Dad tells me sometimes being a leader is hard as far as keeping friends. You sometimes have to do what may not seem right to them, but you just have to tell them what is right. Doing what's right when the coach is not looking. You have to keep your players in line."

Brad Dixon: "If there were some things going on that needed corrected, I went to him all the time. He's just that kid that you kind of hope your own son is like him."

Whether it was under center at Quarterback, playing point man to the Defensive Secondary, or running Todd Plattner's basketball system at Point Guard, Cole Phillips is a young man who inspired a lot of trust from lot of different adults on campus at Camp Point Central. And their faith has been well rewarded. He's shown the ability to make those around him better in every way. But what Cole may not get enough credit for is sublimating his own considerable talents to do so. That was never more in evidence than during his hero turn in the first round of the Football playoffs.

Brad Dixon: "Yeah, Cole is that one...if there is someone you want at Quarterback who never gets too excited or never gets too down when something happens...he's the guy. I think back to that Heyworth game when nothing had went right. He had already had a bad day throwing the football. We needed a big third down completion, he hit Alger down the middle. And then on 4th and 7, with the game on the line, he was able to tuck it with their All State Middle Linebacker chasing him to get the first down. That's just kind of the story of who he was."

Who Cole Phillips becomes moving beyond high school is still a work in progress. His stellar GPA will open a lot of doors after two years of Community College. And he's a well rounded young man with a real sense of community and stewardship, including helping out in the relief efforts in Joplin after the 2011 tornado. But he's still looking for that perfect fit for his talents.

Cole Phillips: "Time goes by very fast. I've found that out the hard way. I am still debating what I want to do after John Wood, my first two years. John Wood will teach me what I want to do, so I will wait until then."

Duerr: Is there some academic interest....any one particular subject you enjoy?

Cole Phillips: "I like Science. Science and math. Later in life, I'd like working with animals. So maybe some kind of veternary type of thing or something like that. Maybe I'd like to play basketball at John Wood. I am going to give that a try."

The Good News is that all of Cole's bright future prospects remain in play, despite an unfortunate Junior Year encounter with a certain bald Sports Photographer standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cole Phillips: "I remember coach called 18 Bootleg Corners. Douglas Weese was going down the center of the field. I thought I would give him a little bit of a challenge. As soon as I turned my head to make a play on the ball, I met somebody that I lost the battle to..."

Duerr: Who was that....

Cole Phillips: "That was you....Chris Duerr"

Duerr: Probably didn't expect to find a photographer standing out in the middle of the secondary.....

Cole Phillips: "No...I probably should not have tried to win that battle."