SAW: Brett Genenbacher



Liberty High School

GPA: 4.14

Class Rank: 4th

Sports: Cross Country, Basketball, Track

Activities: Senior Class Vice President, FFA, 2013 Pike County Honor Band

Awards: 2013 LHS Musicianship Award

College Plans: Looking at both Truman State and Mizzou

Intended Major: Pre-Med

Brett Genenbacher: "You have to really time manage a lot. Use every minute you can to your full advantage. And do everything you can and not let any time go to waste."

He juggles three different sports, has award winning commitments to both FFA and Band and holds Senior Class well as somehow meets the academic rigors of forging a better than 4.0 GPA. Perhaps the lessons Brett Genenbacher has learned from his stellar cross country career have provided an important parallel to success in all other walks of his life.

Brett Genenbacher: "It feels like a race all the time, I guess. You just keep going as fast as you can."

That has never seemed to be a problem for Brett or his State Ranked Liberty Teammates while on the Cross Country trail, where the Eagles have their sights set on emerging from a brutal postseason draw and punching at ticket to Deterweilor Park in two weeks.

Brett Genenbacher: "You just get through Regionals, get to Sectionals and then hopefully take Top Five at Sectionals as a team and move on to State. That's our main goal. Just get to state. Make it there."

Duerr: You were obviously so close last year and fighting such a tough Sectional. I mean, that certainly has to almost bring out the best in you guys doesn't it?

Brett Genenbacher: "Yeah. It makes you want to work a lot harder, really. Having all those other great teams pushing you just makes your team want to be a better team. You know you have to work hard every day in practice to be where you want to be."

That holds true for Brett's own Educational and Vocational finish lines as well.

Brett Genenbacher: "Particularly interested in the University of Missouri or Truman State University. I want to eventually go Pre-Med and go on to Medical School and become a Doctor. Somewhere in the Medical Field....My interest in Medicine really comes from my Mom. She's a Physcian Director at Blessing so I get a lot from here, just being around the hospital and everything. And I have always wanted to help other people and make their lives better so that is where I get it from."