SAW: Ben Brown


Ben Brown

Macomb High School

GPA: 4.022

Extracurriculars: Class President, NHS President, Speech Team and Wind Symphony

College: University of Missouri

Intended Major: Broadcast Journalism

There may be no more valuable asset to a baseball team than a seasoned catcher. Its a role that was a perfect fit for Macomb's Ben Brown.

"The catcher is the leader out there on the field so I tried to work with guys by catching extra bullpen sessions after practice and during practice. If a guy wanted to work on something I'd try to work it in during a game. I think that really helped out there on the field. A lot of players showed tremendous improvement, there were guys who pitched that we didn't think were going to pitch, there were guys who were winning that we didn't think would win, and I think our winning record reflected that this year,"

That catcher's mentality is something Ben carried with him every day, not just game day. As president of both his senior class and school chapter of National Honor Society, Ben has a gift of providing guidance. Its his way of paying it forward from his own mentors.

"When you're surrounded by as many incredible people as I am, like my parents, family, and all of the great teachers and coaches at Macomb High, its hard not to be successful and manage everything appropriately,"

His success as a student-athlete will take him to the University of Missouri next fall. That's where he plans to begin his career in TV journalism.

"I've always enjoyed public speaking and I hear it's the number one fear, so I figured I would make some money off of it,"

In his 4 years at Macomb High, Ben Brown has played to his greatest strengths. His school, his class, and his team were made better because of it.

"Four years ago when I started at Macomb High, I never thought I was going to get out of there, and now in a couple of months I report to Columbia. I think I'm ready for life and am prepared to be a successful person who can contribute to the world, along with my 143 classmates - we're all ready to contribute, go out and make the world a better place,"