SAW: Austin Hardy



West Hancock Titans

GPA: 3.98

Class Rank: 3rd

Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball

College Choice: Monmouth College (Baseball)

Intended Major: Business

Austin Hardy: "Just do the right thing. Do it the right way. Do it the Titan Way...I just try to be a leader by example. I am not the one who's going to be able to give pre-game speeches and all that. I just want to be a leader by example and show everybody how to do the right thing and hopefully they follow in my footsteps."

There is a certain authenticity to Austin Hardy that resonates when he speaks and maybe moreso when he plays. Maybe its because he has never really been about seeking out personal limelight. In this instance, Austin was as comfortable and driven filling a complimentary role on the West Hancock Basketball team as he was standing front and center in a breakout football campaign or shining the last two years as one of the Tri States unquestioned premier diamond talents. What he does, regardles of what "it" is, Austin Hardy does for excellence's sake alone. And in that respect; maybe in every respect, he's become the embodiement of that Titan Ethic he's admired his whole life.

Austin Hardy: "You know, there have been people before who have done that the same way too and its nice to know that when they look back, they kind of mention your name (with them) at it's pretty cool....This is a big "team" community and that's what comes first. There's not individualt out here. It's all the team....It just comes from the coaches, parents and everybody just pushing me and having support behind me. They give me the support. And I've put in the hard work and its paid off."

And his actions clearly underscore the importance of that to Austin. Not only is he playing three sports year round and maintaining one of the highest GPA on campus in his "spare time," he has a host of volunteer and club involvements he attends to; maybe none more personally gratifying than working with the next generation of Titan in three different sports.

Austin Hardy: "I think it's important to give back because they come and show their support for you, so I think you should be able to go out in the community and show how much you appreciate them coming to your games and how much you appreciate their support...It's nice to be able to go to the little kid's camps and see what the future is. Kind of try to teach them the way it has been done, the tradition...It came from when I was little, just looing up to the kids that were playing high school sports then. And now that I am in that position, I think it's cool whenever little kids look up to you like that too."

And in that respect, it appears the Monmouth College Community...and the Fighting Scot Baseball program is clearly getting an all around person for the next four years.