SAW: Austin Egley



Clark County Football, Basketball, Track and Field

GPA: 3:88

Class Rank: 5th out of 88

College: Undecided

Honors: Clarence Cannon Conference Offensive Player of the Year, First Team All State Selection as an All Purpose Back

Involvements: National Honor Society, FFA, FBLA, Med Club, State FFA-Group 1 Ranking in Forestry

When you're a quarterback at Clark County, there will always be lofty expectations. Even for Austin Egley, who stepped into the role in 2012 after playing at wide receiver the year prior.

"It was a big change from playing receiver the year before and going to quarterback, but Coach really worked with me. There were a lot of after-hour practices and going over film sessions, learning the plays, learning what I need to do, working on my footwork; it was a lot of extra hours put in and it all paid off,"

Austin more than met those expectations, however, with a 12-1 season. To go from an offseason work-in-progress to first-team all conference quarterback says a lot about what Austin has between the ears.

"I feel like I've got a competitive edge to me - growing up in a family and being the youngest, always getting picked on, that pushed me a little bit to be the best that I can be. I tried to reflect that on the field,"

Hard to argue against the guy selected as Clarence Cannon Offensive Player of the Year. And when he wasn't working towards his own goals last summer, Austin made it a point to help others reach theirs.

"Every summer we have basketball and football camps, and I always enjoy going out and helping. It just makes me feel good when I see a smile on a kid's face when he's getting out there and playing football, getting to hang out with us older kids,"

Its because scarlet and silver aren't just the colors on the uniforms in Kahoka, they're more of a standard to live by. With what he's contributed to Indian football, Austin has certainly set that standard for others.

"I just hope that there's kids out there who go out and play football and want to strive to be better than me and be like me, and that's just a good feeling to have when you know there's little kids looking up to you and wanting to be like you are,"

Austin Egley learned something about himself this past fall, a lesson that extends to anyone hoping to become the next great Clark County quarterback.

"If I put in extra hours and hard work, I can accomplish anything I want to. That just kind of picked up, I've been doing it in class now and it just keeps going on and on,"