SAW: Ashton Luttrull



Highland High School Basketball/Softball

GPA: 3.94 GPA

Class Ranked: 2nd

College: SEMO (Basketball Scholarship)

Honors: Reigning Clarence Cannon Conference Player of the Year, 2012 All State Selection

She is the best high school basketball player in the state of Missouri...who hasn't scored a single point this season...

An injury may have robbed Highland's Ashton Luttrull of her Senior Season...but as Ross Green details, it's done little to diminish here impact in Ewing (on court or off....)

When Ashton Luttrull recounts the last game of her 2012 AAU season, it doesn't take long before you begin to feel her pain.

"We had two games that day, we won the first, and the second was our last of the summer. All of the seniors wanted to go out on top and get a win, and 5 minutes into the game it was going really well, but then I cut down the lane and got hit wrong. My knee buckled and I knew immediately it was not good,"

After eclipsing the thousand point mark and earning all-state honors as a junior, the course of Ashton's senior season abruptly changed after that one play.

"As soon as it happened, I told myself it wasn't that bad, then we got the MRI and when they called, my mom answered the phone, then she told me. Its hard to explain, because I didn't think I was invincible but you never think its going to happen to you,"

But don't ever doubt the resolve of a competitor like Ashton Luttrull. Though she's missed the season to this point, her imprint on the Cougar community was established long ago. Her character shines through, whether she logs minutes or not.

"I obviously wanted to play my senior year, go out and have people remember me for the things I did, but I think I've made a name for myself by not only the way I play, but also the way I act and the things I do outside the court,"

On track for class salutatorian with a GPA just shy of 4.0, Ashton is proof positive that hard work does not go unnoticed. Southeast Missouri State beckons this fall, and will get one of those 110% kind of attitudes, the kind that's slowly but surely bringing Ashton back to full speed on the hardwood.

"I'm really excited to get to play for them, and the next step with college and learning new things and taking the next step. Its a big learning experience but I'll get used to it and I think I'll be ready,"

The heart-wrenching reality of last summer may never fade, but neither will Ashton's drive to make it back to the court. And when that time comes, she can tell a new story. One that includes the happy ending she deserves.

"Yeah, it will have been a long time since I've been able to step out there again, and I hope I can take full advantage of it. Just not take anything for granted and play like every play is your last is what I'm looking forward to,"