SAW: Alex Goss



Keokuk Wrestling/Football

GPA: 3.95

College Choice: Culver Stockton (Football)

For the better part of the last two years...he has been as imposing a two-sport force as you could find here in the Tri States....both a state recognized Heavyweight Wrestler and a Road Grading Offensive Lineman

But there's more to Keokuk's Alex Goss then just brute power....

If you ask Alex Goss what he'll remember most about his time at Keokuk, he doesn't take long to answer.

"The first thing that pops into my mind is family. Everyone here tries to help everyone else, trying to make us a better person, so that sense of family is really important,"

And for 4 years, the Chiefs family was made stronger with his dedication. Keokuk football and wrestling are both storied programs, and Goss developed into a leader for both. That was never more evident than this year; when he saw an opportunity to step up, Alex jumped at the chance.

"I think this year especially, my senior year, I brought leadership to the team. For wrestling and football, we were kind of young so I was able to bring leadership and set an example for the younger guys. Telling them what they need to do to be successful so hopefully they can become better than what we were,"

It may have been a bit of déjà vu, then, when Culver-Stockton football came calling. Give him the opportunity to elevate a team, and Goss is ready to take on the challenge.

"Yeah its cool knowing that I'm going to be a part of that catalyst that starts something special at Culver-Stockton. I think that's going to be really fun and I'm excited about that next chapter in my life. I think what I'm going to bring on to the next level is definitely that competitiveness, that work ethic, trying to get the other incoming freshmen to step up and make it more competitive and heighten the level,"

Alex Goss will be remembered for a lot of things at Keokuk High. His 7th place finish at state wrestling this year, his tireless work ethic in the trenches, and his 3.95 GPA all come to mind. Its these factors that make Keokuk happy to call him one of the Chief family's most exceptional members.

"I'm hoping the legacy I left is good, I hope that people remember me for what I've done off and on the field, off and on the mat. And I'm hoping with the younger guys, they'll be ready to take up the role that I left for them to exceed and get above me. I'm preparing them for their future as well, just like they were preparing me for mine,