Rising Raiders: QND Golf Out Of The Gate Hot

QND has won both tournaments they've played in so far. (PHOTO: Will Wilson)

High school golf is off to a fast start, and no one has come out of gates as hot as one local team. Quincy Notre Dame has made a statement so far, especially after yesterday QHS Invitational. However, it looks like this team has barely scratched the surface of what they might do this year.

Two tournaments down, two first place finishes brought back to 10th and Jackson. The Raiders are on the rise and this group from Quincy Notre Dame has been tearing up the golf course during this young season. With a heavy dose of returners, this team is poised for a big run.

Charles Scholz: "We've got such a good group and it's so much fun to see them work so hard in during practice. They put a lot of time in over the summer and offseason to come out and get off to this kind of start this year. It's very rewarding, I'm proud of the kids and seeing the hard work they've put in, we're starting to see results from that."

William Eversman: "We've been young for awhile and we're finally starting to mature and get some upper classmen in there. When a guy like Reis comes along, incoming freshman, it's good to have that wisdom of all the courses around and help guide them to play well every round too."

Drew Eaton: "We have five people back this year. So, it's nice knowing that we have all the experience we need to make a deep run in the playoffs. Every kid on our team can shoot under 75. They've done it before in tournaments, we've seen them do it. It's all a matter of confidence, just believing you can."

That confidence is running high on all levels. Especially with the amount of depth the Raiders are packing.

Cale Burgtorf: "We've got three seniors, two juniors, we even have a freshman as our sixth man. Every time we go out there, if you're not playing well you just have to keep fighting. I mean, if you come in with like an 80 on our team, you might still not count your score. That's just how competitive it is on our team. We just keep pushing each other every day. Our team is just deep. I mean, our seventh man, he can break 80."

Eaton: "Most teams have three, maybe four guys they can count on. We have six. Even seven if someone doesn't play well during the season. It's really nice being a one-man, knowing that if you play just average your team is going to back you up. Your team is still going to look pretty good score wise. You're going to win a lot of tournaments with six guys that can play."

Burgtorf: "The other day I shot 85 at Mount Hawley. I mean, we still ended up counting my score as a four-man, but Drew came in with a 69 and William had 76. That's just good to know that you're going to come in, you're going to get out with a W and you're going to move on. It's not too much pressure on you."

After the Raiders fell short of expectations last year, the pieces are in place for this talent lineup to go after that state crown.

Eversman: "Getting eliminated after Sectionals was a little disappointing. We all had high hopes and I know we all didn't play our greatest at Sectionals. So, obviously that's going to motivate us even more to play well this year and make it out of Sectionals. Not only to make it out of Sectionals, but to win every tournament we are in as well, including state."

Eaton: "I think this year, having a Sectional where we've already played it at two years ago. It will be a big help because we'll know what to expect from that venue."

Burgtorf: "We're going for the state title there's no doubt about that. That's our main goal right there. We just got to keep our game going, pushing each other, shooting low scores like we did today and eventually get to that point. We just got to take it one step at a time and get there."