Rejuvenated Raiders: QND Boys Finding Their Groove

I hope you've caught your breathe after that weekend. What a two days we had over at the Pit for the KHQA Subway Superfan Shootout. Not only did we see some high caliber talent across the board, but we also witnessed some hefty upsets. That's where we shift our attention to. How about those QND boys?

Another huge win for Coach Sheffield and his program. On Friday night, they took down six-foot-nine, Division One bound Kenny Lesley and Elsberry. Followed up by another upset win over a Danville squad on Saturday. And get this, during those last two wins, QND has beaten teams with a combined record of 28-9. Just flat out impressive stuff. I had a chance to talk with Coach Sheffield and two Raiders who have had pivotal rolls in their success as of late after last nights big win...

Coach Bob Sheffield: "I just think for the next seven games we have it's a huge huge huge confidence booster for us. Moving forward, we're going to go out and we're going to believe we can walk on the floor and beat anybody. That's how Raider basketball should be and that's how its been in the past. I think we're at that level now where we're going to walk out with confidence and expect to win every game."

Riley Walz: "We had a two week break and coach told us at the beginning of the break everyone has to be accountable for their actions. We brought it to practice every single day and you could just tell as we got to this Shootout that everyone really wanted to play. And once we got out there everything flowed. It's been a really fun weekend."

Austin Ridder: "We are just having fun. I mean, when you have fun it just brings energy and effort. And it's just having fun and doing little things right."

Coach Bob Sheffield: "we're growing up. I can stop smiling. We were smiling on the bench. We were talking about being relaxed and playing with confidence. I was really proud of how they just kept their composure, even though they cut it down to two. So, we did a really good job tonight I'm really proud of them."

Austin Ridder: "it's just a big boost in confidence knowing that we can beat teams and play with them. So, we can play with anybody now."

Riley Walz: "we're at seven wins right now. So, we set our goal at the beginning of this break that we'd get ten wins before the season is over. Which we could definitely get that. We could probably get more, but we just want to get better every single day and keep playing together, hard and together."

Coach Bob Sheffield: "We used to joke at the beginning of the year that we were young and dumb. And we were. It wasn't a bad thing, but you know we play hard every night. I think we're playing a lot smarter, now we're starting to play together. We're starting to believe each other, pick each other up and find the hot hand. So I think that's a huge key for us going forward."