Quincy's "Dolphins" head to state competition

A local swim team is preparing for state competition.

[ The Quincy YMCA Dolphins Swim team was formed just more than a year ago.

Now it boasts more than 45 swimmers of all ages..who practice five to six times a week here at the Quincy University Health and Fitness Center. Click here to hear how these hardcore swimmers balance swimming and school from KHQA This Morning.

The YMCA and Quincy University partnered up to give the growing team more room to practice, and to help draw QU students to the sport.

"We saw a need in the community and thought this is one of those things where we can help the community out and let those kids swim," said Mike Davis, Director of the QU Health and Fitness Center. "it also allows our students to get coaching and get them to swim."

Click here to hear more from Davis from KHQA This Morning.

Nine members of the Dolphins Swim Team and 6 relay teams are headed to state competition in March.

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