Quincy skate park on its way

A group of hopeful skateboarders waited outside the Quincy Park Board Meeting Wednesday night for what turned out to be good news.

The board approved allowing the Adams County Skate Park Movement to build a skate park in Wavering Park, but the battle for the skate park is not over yet.

The park comes with a price tag over $100,000.

After the decision, members of the skate park movement were celebrating, but soon they will be back at work fundraising.

"A skate park would be a great addition to this community. It's a growing sport nationally and as the community starts growing even more we need to actually have a place to keep them off the streets otherwise it's just going to be chaos," President Petra St.Hill said.

That is one reason she hopes the community will help with fundraising to cover the construction costs.

Right now the group has raised about $4,000 and obtained not-for-profit status.

After the initial construction costs the Park District will cover maintenance and security. Since the skate park will be built in an existing park which workers will already be monitoring, they estimate those costs will be relatively low.

"A lot of people, I think any kind of kid will say they want something but you worry about them actually doing the work. They've shown up to the open house in droves, they've shone up to the park board meeting this evening, so they're definitely really involved and they want this to happen," Park District Marketing Supervisor Jessica Cate said.

The handful of skaters who went to the Park Board Meeting to wait for the vote were relieved that they will be able to skate without being ticketed or sent away.

Many of them said they have received trespassing tickets and have been kicked off property.

The president, and a parent of skaters, looks forward to the peace of mind the park will bring.

"I have two boys of my own and both of them skate. The boys are always asking to go out of the streets and I always say, no it's too dangerous," St. Hill said.

She hopes when the park designating for skating is complete, injuries will be reduced.