Quincy High's Dade and Reller sign with JWCC hoops

"I decided it was the best fit for me when men and my dad had a talk about what best fit me, because I did want to go off to a bigger Division I school, but I would rather stay home and work my way up. I want to get better instead of going straight to a 4-year so I thought John Wood would be a better fit for me,"

"Coach Rodriguez contacted me over the summer and invited me to work out with them and play with them and get a feel for their team. When I did that, I instantly connected with them, and they made me feel really comfortable and at home. I watched them during the season, and I liked how he did things - I saw one of his practices and it was similar to what I've already been through in high school, and it seemed like a really smooth adjustment,"

"It really made my choice better when I found out that a teammate of 2 years was coming in. It made it easier to have a returner playing with you, and it made me happy because you won't go in scared and nervous because you have somebody there,"

"Playing with Arai'ya or any other teammate just makes it so much better, because I already know someone and how they play. And I think me and Arai'ya work well together,"