QHS Guard Lincoln Elbe thriving for Blue Devils

Lincoln Elbe has elevated his game this season for Sean Taylor and the Quincy High boys basketball team. His hardwork in the offseason along with studying the game is starting to pay dividends on the court.

Lincoln Elbe: "I've played basketball all summer and played in some AAU and I went against some really quick kids and I sort of managed how to handle the ball against one or two people on me. If their quick, or quicker then me, so I've been training all summer because I knew that was going to be the biggest part of my game this year"

Sean Taylor: "I think the most important thing is he got stronger. He's been with us since he's been a freshman and sophomore and his skill level has always been on par with varsity caliber guys. But they just beat him up and out quicked him a little bit, so I think those are the two areas that he really worked on and focused on. You throw that with his unbelievable knowledge of the game and how to get the ball where it needs to go when it needs to go. He can do that against anyone now."

Lincoln Elbe's knowledge of the game has helped his play on the court immensely this season. Being the son of a former Tri-State basketball star and coach at John Wood, the game is genetically in his blood. and its shown in how Lincoln manages the offense and stays discipline on defense.

Elbe: "It really makes me think of my dad. My dad, he was that type of a player and he always tells me how everyone is capable to talk. You can have an off-night on offense but you can't have an off-night on defense."

Taylor: "He's the son of a coach so he's always been around it. He's played against his brother in the driveway since he's been five-years-old. But what he's done, he's worked so much on strength and conditioning. He's always been good at his skill level but not I think he can go against stronger and quicker guys and he doesn't miss a beat. He handles the ball, he doesn't turn it over, he's shooting the three at unbelievably high rate, he doesn't make mistakes. He's a good point guard."

Elbe: "My dad whenever I need it I can ask him if I can go to John Wood and get some shots up. That's always been something since I was young, it's something that's helped me a lot. He's always willing to help me and help elevate my game."