Play Ball: Clark County looks ahead to inaugural baseball season

"Its an honor to be able to represent our school. Obviously, in Clark County, football is a big deal, but I'm just glad that baseball is finally going to be able to show off the ability we have here in Clark County. There's a lot of talent here that people may not realize,"

Its been a considerably lengthy pre-season, but Clark County baseball is finally on the horizon.

"When we first started out in baseball we had to come together as a team and play hard. Now we get the chance to play in high school, we all get to come together and show everybody what we're made of,"

Though many of the future team's players have been together since their tee-ball days, this group acknowledges that there are still strides to be made before opening day next spring. But that fact won't dampen their spirits in the least.

"We're all really excited. Being able to be the first ones to build this team up is big for us because we'll be setting the standard for the years after us,"

"Its more excitement than anything because we all want to make it really far in baseball and really want to play, and hopefully make it to state,"

You heard right - these guys already have their eye on the biggest hardware. And why shouldn't they? The team's overriding optimism is a good start towards checking off several of next year's to-do's. This is the chance they've been waiting for; the chance to finally play ball.

"Team goals would mainly be make it to state and for everybody to get better as a team,"

"We really want a winning season in our first year, that's a big deal. We'd like to beat Memphis because they're one of our big rivals. But I think a winning season in our first year would be a big accomplishment. I really think coming together as a team is a big deal, and once we get clicking I think we'll be pretty good,"