Pay It Forward: QU football program gives back at youth camp

"This is our second year with the camp, and its been a great community service deal for us. We let the kids come out and be around our players, teach them how we play the game and the right way to do it - that's a key thing we're looking to do,"

Football is a game full of lessons, many of which extend beyond the sideline. That's what QU's players and coaches are teaching this week at Flinn Stadium. For the second straight year, the Hawks are reaching out to area kids and teaching the QU brand of football.

"Football teaches you a lot more than plays and X's and O's, it teaches you discipline and other characteristics that other things can't teach you. I think its good that these kids come out here and learn it from us being older,"

But above all else, the campers are there to enjoy the game - a lesson the players have found easy to teach.

"When I was a kid I remember having the high school kids teaching me, and when I was in high school I remember helping kids out with youth camps. Any way I can help - if I can help them to be a better player in the future, that's what I'm here for,"

"Its a good time, it reminds me of my childhood, and its good to see them bring this energy. In any sport its always good to bring a level of motivation and energy, it provides for a great day,"

Even during the off-season, the QU football program logs plenty of time on the field. And judging by the camp's atmosphere, its time very well spent.

"Its just a way to give back, for them to recycle what they were given, what they were taught, and it gives them the opportunity to pay the game back,"