Not Over Yet: Macomb soccer reacts to sectional title

One hundred minutes passed in Warrensburg and the sectional trophy stayed on the sideline. Macomb had its chances to put Blue Ridge away, but couldn't seem to get the timing, or the angle, or the smallest detail, just right. Forced into a penalty kick situation, it seemed the Bombers' season was over after just two of the five rounds and two missed shots. But somehow, amidst the tension brought on by 200 onlookers and a trip to the super-sectional on the line, Macomb kept its focus. By the time the fifth and, potentially, final penalty kick came around, and Macomb trailed 2-1, Mark Harris delivered a goal in an absolute must-score situation. Keeper Blake Lowderman followed less than a minute later with a diving save to his left on a Blue Ridge kick that could have sent the Knights onward into the playoffs and left Macomb with nothing more than a quiet bus ride back home. Now tied at 2 and with new life, the penalty kicks became sudden-death, and Lowderman was up to the task with Blue Ridge shooting first. By saving another ball in the sixth round of kicks, the Macomb goalie became the shooter with a chance to end the game. He didn't hesitate - Lowderman stepped up and floated one past the Knights keeper for the win.

The players may remember the frayed nerves. The fans may remember the thrill of the winning score coming more than 2 hours after the game started. But perhaps the biggest take-away was something that didn't happen during the course of the game. Once the Bomber dogpile got back to its feet and headed toward the bench after the win, the players could be overheard saying, "I thought it was over!"

So did everybody else.

But by finding a way to win what seemed the un-winnable game, this team is prepared for anything the super-sectional game may present. For Macomb, there are new words to live by as the playoff journey continues: its never over.