Not One..Not Two..But THREE In A Row: Griggsville-Perry Three-peat's For Regional Title

The regional final has been a homecoming for Griggsville-Perry the last few years. Yesterday was a chance to make it a three-peat for the tornados. Delivering a thrilling come from behind win in extra innings to punch their ticket to some sectional baseball.

Coach Cheatum: "They just realized today's not the day they wanted to lose. So as a result, the seniors got the other kids going. We're successful when we get kids on base and we use our legs to run. You got to give Brown County credit, they kept our rallies at bay. There were very few chances. But then at the end, the late steal with Isaac Whitaker, then that created the other runner at second. It just made it a good smart play on Isaac's part."

Isaac Whitaker: "That last inning we were just like we need to get people on base. We need to be aggressive but not be stupid on the bases. So, I think really our base running and aggressiveness won us the game."

Mitchel Main: "We knew we weren't out of it. We knew we had to fight back. That's what we do, we fight. We've had guys that have fought hard down the stretch. We hit the ball well, we field the ball well, we have pretty decent pitching. We're a pretty solid team all the way around. We're a really talented team."

Coach Cheatum: "I can't give Mitchel Main enough credit. He was 9-0 for us this year with a 1.09 ERA. The kids a competitor. He just does what it takes. What ever you need him to do, he's willing to do. That's one of the things, he's a true team player. And he's developed in to a very good leader this year for the Tornado's."

Main: "It was win that I definitely wanted to have. It was a really great win. I was nervous at times, especially when they picked up the lead. But our team battled back and fought hard just like we always do."

Whitaker: "When our pitchers are out there I think they trust us as fielders. We can all hit all the way through the lineup, get on base, steal, we're really aggressive. I think that's why we've been so successful."

Coach Shoemaker: "We play hard. We play hard everyday. We never give up. We fell behind twice in extra innings, we came back both times. So I think that's just one of the things these kids have show. They just refuse to lose."