NLI: Zane Lockhart

Zane Lockhart will run track & field at UMKC

Zane Lockhart: "I wanted something close to home. It's a three hour drive from my dad's, actually closer then it was before. The size of the school. I had a couple D-two schools looking at me I was pretty interested in as well. I think all in all it came down to what I wanted to major in, which they offer civil engineering there. At UMKC. And the size of the scholarship, which was a pretty big factor for me.

I've always been pretty in to math. And Science has kind of crept up on me in school, during high school. So, it's just a good culmination of the two.

The coach told me that I would be mainly long and triple, but if I wanted to do like heptathlon or maybe try hurdles I could do that as well in practice and then if I got up to speed, go from there.

Hopefully I can get on a protein diet, because I haven't been doing that too well. And maybe just run a little bit, I don't really know what to expect."