NLI: Zach Kuhlman-Pfeiffer

Talented QHS golfer picks Culver-Stockton for his future.

Zach Kuhlman-Pfeiffer: "I'm very excited to go there. I've kind of had my heart set on going there after the city tournament. I got to play with Tim in the final round and it kind of progressed from there."

Tim Schrage: "I saw him out on the golf course since he was ten or eleven years old. Just watched him progress ever since. You know you see his ability as a players and his personality as a kid. You know like you said playing in the city tournament with him really gave me a close up view of the ability he does have."

Zach Kuhlman-Pfeiffer: "I'm going to go in as a sports management major hoping to keep a career in golf, if not, you know plays so many tours. The ultimate dream is to make it big in to the pros. But, I definitely see a career in golf in my future."

Tim Schrage: "Well the in golf, the thing you need to do to score is have a good short game. After playing in the city with him, I saw he got up in down and make a bunch of clutch puts. His demeanor on the course, he never gets too high too low. And that's eventually going to be the key to success for him."