NLI: Whitney Murphy

Unity's Whitney Murphy didn't hesitate to admit she like what they were building over on the hill in Canton. Culver-Stockton is coming off a disappointing season on the hardwood but have a group of re-energized coaches and players that make the future look bright. And today, Murphy signed to be apart of the Wildcat family to bring a certain grit to the lineup...

Whitney Murphy: "i'm really going to miss my coach and teammates because I've been with the same people for so long and we're all really close. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and getting close to my teammates. The community here is so close and the team is so close. Just everyone is so close and it's great to be apart of something like that."

Coach Janette Burgin: "her teammates from last year that she played with, Breanne Begeman, I think she's learned that there and I think that bringing in that someone that's already been playing with her. They already have that connection, that can build on top of each other. They are going to fight for each other. I think that was one of the things we were lacking. There are some games that we lost because we just didn't play together towards the end of the game. I'm excited for her to come in and I think that she already has, I mean it's a unique situation. They went to Unity, they have that Unity going in to next year. I'm pretty excited about that."

Whitney: "I liked how she coached. She just told you how it was. She just let you know when you did something wrong. I like it when a coach does that because it helps you get better. I've been there today and they seem like a really great team. It seems like a really great program to go in to."