NLI: Trevor Knipe

Trevor Knipe: "I'm feeling really blessed. I'm very honored that I can go play college baseball. It's been a dream for a long time. I just knew as soon as I stepped foot on campus at MacMurry I knew I wanted to be here and everything that coaches told me, everything clicked. I just knew I made the right decision."

"I wanted to get away a little bit. I just thought Jacksonville was perfect. It's not too far, it's not too short. I thought the location in Jacksonville was great and I loved everything about MacMurry."

"I got to get in the weight-room. I have to get bigger. I hadn't done a lot of weight-training in high school. I kind of thought I'd just get bye. Now I know I need to get in he weight-room. But, I'm going to bring my competitiveness and my willing to win to MacMurry and I think that's going to really help me in college."

"I'm thinking about majoring in sport-management. I thought for a long time I wanted to do Communications and sports broadcasting. But I realized that it's maybe not the best route to go and sports management is what I want to do. I kind of like to be an agent or advertising or something like that."

"Here at Warsaw, I think they do a great job. It's like a big family here. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and getting to hang out with a bunch of the guys. There's a couple of people I know at MacMurry so it won't be too bad, but I'm really excited to meet new people at MacMurry."

"Being a Titan was a great thing. It's going to be tough, that last loss at the end of the year for baseball was real tough. I'm going to miss it all but I'm really excited to start new at MacMurry."