NLI Signing: Kristen Gengenbacher


National Letter of Intent Day opened with a flourish around the Tri States...with a host of Division One signings on both sides of the river....

And as proof positive today of just how smart she is, Quincy Notre Dame Super Setter Kristen Gengenbacher showed how to beat the system with her athletic talents...

Making good on her pledge to continue her Volleyball career in relative paradise at the University of San Diego.

Kristen Gengenbacher: "Everything about the campus was completely beautiful, it was everything I wanted in a school. It honestly seemed like the school was built on what I wanted in a school. The coaches were great, the teammates that I met were fantastic, every was so nice. It being a catholic university, everything worked out perfectly. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else."

Rich Meyer: "The one thing their getting is a player that is super quick. Kristen has the great uncanny ability to get to the ball, to be at the ball at the point where the ball is actually being hit. Much quicker then a lot of players. She anticipates very well. With her overall quickness I think she's going to go on and be a pretty good setter at the college level. One of the things you see at the college level is the quicker part of the game we don't see at the high school level and I think she exceeds in that."

Kristen Gengenbacher: "I'm really look forward to the competition level at San Diego. I know it's going to be a lot quicker game but I'm ready for that and I'm prepared and I'm really excited to get that season going. But I'm also looking forward to the climate. I mean, it's perfect weather there everyday. Especially with the cold weather nearing here it kind of gets me a little more excited for next year. Because this time next year it will be like 65/70 degrees so I'm really looking forward to that"