NLI: Ryan Koenig

When asking a high school athlete why they chose their future college playing destination, more often than not you hear them cite the coaching staff. How welcoming they are, they kept in touch the most or it's just the family atmosphere they bring to the table. For Holy Trinity Catholic's Ryan Koenig, all those reasons held true at St. Ambrose University. He signed his letter of intent to become of a member of the Fighting Bee's on the basketball court this fall...

Ryan Koenig: "I wanted to be somewhat close to home, that way I could still see my family and also see my brother play sports as he's starting to get older now. And also, Coach Shovlain, he just has an amazing program over the years that he's built up there. Great environment to play in and he definitely takes care of his players on and off the court.

"Everybody had a great attitude and was friendly. Everybody was outgoing and out of their way to show you around. It just seemed liked everyone was genuinely nice."

"Right now, I think I'm going to major in exercise science. But, I'm also considering taking a minor in biology. But, overall, I think what I want to end up being is a physical therapist."

"I think definitely one of the biggest advantages I'll have is I've played varisty basketball more then just the two years that alot people get being juniors and seniors. I think that will be one big help. Then also, having a dad as a coach definitely helps seeing little things. Also being close with our coaches. You definitely get a lot of of, even just talking about basketball, you see a lot more things then what you'd see just watching games or doing it by yourself."