NLI: Reed Plunkett


Doubters are nothing new to Reed inescapable fact of life for a undersized basketball player in a game that prizes size....

He proved them wrong in high school. And now he's banking he can do it again at the college level.

The Marion County guard just needed one coach to believe in him.....

And he found him in Culver Stockton's Jack Schrader....

Ryan Wood: "Coming into his Senior Year all he wanted was a chance next year and Coach Schrader, he is giving him that chance. And I think it is a good choice by Coach Schrader because Reed is going to be one of those kids that...he's a gym rat. And what coach doesn't want that?"

Jack Schrader: "The things that attract me most about players and in particular Reed is his competitiveness and his ability to shoot it. That just goes a long ways. And then you just have the other stuff that goes along with it. That just makes a winning combination and that is what we have been about the last couple of years."

Reed Plunkett: "That has been one of my dreams since I was little, to play college ball. And I am excited. It know its going to be challenging. I am going to have to work really hard but I am excited for the opportunity."

And in Reed's case, that opportunity is two-fold. This is a young man with an expressed interest in becoming both a teacher and a coach when his playing days are done. In that cause, working for Jack Schrader for four or five years certainly seems an ideal immersive experience