NLI: Lindsay Van Tress

Another Palmyra softball standout made her pledge today on where she will be taking her talents next season. Lindsay Von Tress signed her letter of intent this afternoon to play her college career at John Wood.

Van Tress: "What kind of made me choose John Wood is like it was kind of closer to home. The scholarship was a really big scholarship. They offered me a good scholarship. The coaches really had a big impact on it. Like, they were very personable with me. When I went and visited the college it was, like, it was everything. I just loved it so much when I went and visited it.

My parents wanted to come and watch me still play softball while I was in college. If I went anywhere else they wouldn't be able to do that because of work and their time schedules and everything. I think it had a big impact on it too.

I'm going in to accounting because I actually want to be an FBI agent when I'm older. They told me that, when I went and job shadowed a guy that's an FBI agent now in St. Louis and he's like you really wanted to go in to accounting if you want to be an FBI agent so that's what kind of stuck out to me. I'm even taking accounting classes in high school so I just want to keep going in to college with accounting."

What's probably going to be one of the hardest things leaving high school, leaving all your teammates and moving on to college?

Van Tress: "One of the biggest things is my teammates. I love them like I love my family. They are pretty much my everything my senior year. They made it great and everything."