NLI: Kyle Fulton

Kyle Fulton: "What it really came down to was the size of the school. It's the bigger school of the two I was deciding and I wanted to go to the biggest school possible. So, that's really what decided it other then the fact they allowed me to play baseball and basketball. I didn't think they were going to allow me to do that at first, but they did and that made my decision.

Their plans for me would be the guard spot in basketball. I've been playing the forward spot but that's because our team has been small. But, now that I'm in college, I'm the small one. So, I'm going to have to do a bunch of drills, get a lot quicker, maybe work on my shot a lot more. In baseball, it's just pitching. I'm going to have to work on mechanics to become the best left handed pitcher I can be.

Let's get off sports. Let's talk about academics. What are you thinking about studying? What's interesting you? What kind of programs that interests you that they have theree?

They have computer science, which is what I've wanted to do. I've been a computer nerd, I know nobody would have guessed that. But, I've been a computer person my whole life and made graphics. That's what I really love doing and they've got it. So, I mean, I should be good as long as I can keep good time-management skills I'll be good.

I'm extremely excited to step foot on campus. I'm ready to get going. I can't wait to see what's in store for me. I've already met some of my teammates, they are all really nice guys. It's going to be extremely fun."