NLI: Katelyn Wolf

A nice signing today from a young lady who knows exactly what she wants to get in to off the court. Even on an off day from school Payson Seymour's Katelyn Wolf came in to sign her letter of intent to play volleyball at Blackhawk East.

Katelyn Wolf: " At Blackhawk, they have a really good volleyball program. I also looked in to what I'm majoring in. They have a really good agricultural program. And their volleyball has been very successful for the passed couple of years, so, I look forward to playing for them and keeping the success going for them.

It's probably going to be a little different not seeing all my friends and all the volleyball players I've played with in the past. And that, meeting new people and having to adjust to living on my own is going to be different.

It's all about where I want to go after I'm done with college. Like, what degree I want to go in to and the coaches were very nice to me. They sat down and talked to me. They didn't really persuade me, but the environment at the college was just where I wanted to go for the next two years.

Living on my own will be a little different but I'm ready to do that and I'm ready to do a new higher speed of volleyball. It's going to be a little challenging and it's going to motivate me to get in shape and get better."