NLI: Karyn Paisley

Macomb's Karyn Paisley will continue her athletic career at McKendree University running cross country and track.

"Some factors that were going in to it were my major. I want to go in to health and wellness. I've always found that really interesting and I want to try and make a difference and help people out with their nutrition plans. I know it plays a big part in athletics and athletes. Eating right. So, I'm hoping I can help with that as well.

i wanted to try and find the perfect size and the right coach for me. So those were definitely some factors. It was the first school I visited and I just really liked it. So that really helped. But I know it will be a lot of work, but I'm excited to work harder towards those goals and improve as a runner and as an athlete. So, I'm excited for it.

They have some really nice dorm rooms there which I'm really excited about. And just being able to be with my teammates whenever I want to, whenever I want to run with them. And I'm really excited."