NLI: Jordan Nutt

Jordan Nutt kicks us off with our pair of Palmyra signings this afternoon. The dynamic wing-man on the court and wide-out on the football field has chosen to continue his college career on the basketball court. Signing with Iowa Wesleyan earlier today...

Jordan Nutt: "I went to a summer basketball camp up there right before football started. It was during that dead period. I really enjoyed the campus. I enjoyed the coaching staff. They are a young coaching staff and they get after on defense which is something I really enjoy. As far as just basketball wise up there, it's just a great atmosphere and I like the place."

"College is going to be a big transfer because I'm going to have to learn how to make my own shot more. In college, you got to be able to make space because those defenders are going to be all up in you."

"The decision between football and basketball was a tough one. This year, especially this years football year was a really great year. That's going to make me miss football even more. Basketball I've been playing since I was in first or second grade with the same group of guys. My love for that game has always been more. I'm not taking anything away from my love for football, but I think continuing four more years of basketball was the right decision."

"I'm double-majoring in biology and pre-physical therapy. After the four years there I'll try and get in to a grade school after that. I got the Iowa Wesleyan Presidential Scholarship up there. So, that's a big deal up there. I met with one of the professors from up there and I really liked him. The school has a pretty low ration from student to teacher. So, I'm going to get to know my teachers pretty personally and that's really benefit me as I go through athletics."

"I'm definitely going to miss Palmyra. The community is great. As we had a successful year in basketball and football, the crowd just grew and grew. Just to have the whole town behind you it seemed liked it was real big deal. You weren't playing for you, you weren't playing for your teammates, you were playing for a town. That's great. Then, Coach Meny and Coach Miles, they get you ready for the next level. They make you better men. Not necessarily at the game but in life. And that's really big because sports aren't going to last forever and they know that. They'll tell you that. So, they really just try to make you a better person and they do a really good job of that."