NLI: Jordan Fletcher


Plenty of signing news on this soggy Thursday to pass along as well...including Quincy High Forward Jordan Fletcher enthusiastically making good on a pledge to continue her basketball career at UMSL

Jordan Fletcher: "Its been a long time coming and I'm just so excited it's finally finally here. And I just want to say a big "thank you" to everybody who helped me get to this point."

Demond Dade: "Anytime you have someone who controls the paint like Jordan Fletcher does....She had over 100 blocks for us this season. That part of her game doesn't needed to be improved. She's going to step on and be an immediate impact defensively for UMSL University next year."

Jordan Fletcher: "My Coach definitely encouraged me that I will be coming there to play. I won't be sitting. I won't be waiting for anything. She definitely wants me to come in right away and put in some work,"

Duerr: What is it you think you most need to improve to be a player who can come in and make a big impact at UMSL?

Jordan Fletcher: "Definitely strength and conditioning. But working on ball handling as well. That would make me an ever biggert threat in D-2"