NLI: Jeffrey Haley

Jeffrey Haley has persevered throughout his athletic career at Quincy Notre Dame. A 3rd place finish this year at state, the 195-pounder dominated his opponents on the mat this season. And he isn't stopping now. After today, he'll continue his wrestling career at Williams Baptist College in Arkansas...

Jeffrey Haley: "When we went over there, coach was nothing but nice. Great atmosphere he could give for us. Going over there and being able to be in a family environment almost is what it felt like. The campus was wonderful. Going there with my parents, the coach had nothing but the great news for me."

"My wrestling team I have here, hopefully it will carry over to being able to make a new wrestling team, new family. Going in there and wrestling as my style is, I guess."

"With being able to go out and just being an athlete, it changed my life all around. Going in, knowing that I had a job to do and doing it. Going out there and doing my best."

"Physical education is what I'm playing on. Going in to that and maybe some coaching if I can. Take it from there."

What are some of things you're going to be doing in the next couple months, over the summer to get prepared to wrestle.

"Hopefully working out with my brother, Timothy. He went through the college experience playing baseball. I want to go workout with him, see if he can push me to achieve what I want for college rather then high school. It's going to be a whole new level for me. Try to get back in shape and build the muscle a little bit."