NLI Day: Markell Strickland

Hannibal's Markell Strickland saw the payoff for an outstanding senior track and field season on Monday. He's a guy who is as versatile as he is fast - and Missouri Valley College took notice.

"Starting in my junior year, I really got after it. And going into senior year, I knew it was my last so I had to give it my all so I prepared really well for that. I plan on sticking with the hurdles and any other events that they need me to be a part of,"

"Its nice to have guys in the recruiting process that do more than one event. With him having experience jumping, sprinting, and hurdling its nice to have him come in at the college level and do different events,"

"I think its pretty great to move on, but I know I'll have to work even harder at that level because there's more competition, people from everywhere, so I have to give it my all,"